More than just a farm,
also a historical beacon

Enrich yourself with history, nature and nostalgia

Expect the peaceful tranquility of this unique farm life that will keep you company for the duration of your stay. Visit the historical buildings that depict the beauty and rich culture of Nieuwoudtville.

Over 30 rooms located 4km from Nieuwoudtville, perfect for the peaceful breakaway what you deserve and desire.

See what the farm offers

Time: 4:38

Enjoy your stay at Willemsrivier after a long trip





Get dusted of and sit back while you enjoy the peacefulness of Willemsrivier. With more than 30 rooms available for over 40 guests, this farm is the ideal destination for anyone that wants to visit the Hantam.

There are 12 small houses at Willemsrivier.


The Smuts/Maritz Kantoor was built in 1745. During the During the Anglo Boer war (1899-1902) generals Smuts and Manie Maritz stayed in this building on separate occasions. Of course they didn’t agree most of the time, and were never at the house at the same time.